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Bengaluru Principal, 60, Killed In School Allegedly Over Land Dispute At Havanur Public School

Ranganath, a school principal in Bengaluru, was murdered in his office.


The principal of a school in Bengaluru was hacked death inside the campus allegedly by a gang last morning. The principal was in his office, trying to resolve a dispute related to the land on which the school is built, when a gang of six men barged into his room and allegedly murdered him.

60-year-old Ranganath, the principal of Havanur Public School in southwest Bengaluru, had also called in Class 10 students for a special weekend class. 

Earlier, reports said he was hacked to death in front of 20 students inside a classroom while he was teaching them.

After killing the principal, the gang sped away in the car in which they came to the school, police said. 


Muniraj, also known as Babli, is believed to be the leader of the gang that allegedly murdered the school principal.

One of the men was arrested from the city’s Mahalaxmi Layout area soon after the police was informed. Police said the man attacked two constables with a “deadly” weapon following which one of them opened fire at him. 

The gangman, identified as Babli,has injuries on his legs and was taken to the government-run Victoria Hospital. He is believed to be the leader of the gang, police said.

The other five members are yet to be arrested.

Police suspect a land dispute relating to the school building to be the reason behind the school principal’s murder.

(With inputs from PTI)

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