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Accused Mahipal Singh Frequently Changing Statements, Say Police Sources

On Saturday, accused Mahipal Singh shot the judge’s son, tried to drag him into the car


The teenage son of the judge in Gurgaon, who was shot by the personal security officer continues to be critical, sources have told NDTV.  Dhruv was shot in his head from a close range on Saturday, at a busy market in Sector 49. Ritu, the wife of additional sessions judge Krishan Kant, died in hospital on Sunday.

The accused, Mahipal Singh, who is in four-day police custody has not yet disclosed any motive, police sources have told NDTV. The police have denied earlier probable reasons given, like “fight with wife” and “not getting leaves”, as motives for shooting the judge’s wife and son. The investigation is on and “we are in touch with Mahipal Singh’s family,” said police sources.

The Gurgaon Police had sought a week’s custody for extensive questioning of Mahipal Singh, to find out the reason why he shot the judge’s wife and son. A Special Investigation Team has been set up to probe the case.

“Mahipal is frequently changing his statements and becomes furious whenever he is questioned. He said he was depressed due to family problems,” a senior police officer told news agency PTI.

“As per the statement of the accused, he was not happy with the behaviour of the judge’s family members,” said the officer, who is part of the investigating team.

On Saturday, the judge’s wife apparently scolded him inside the car, when they were going to the market the officer said, adding that he may have “harboured a grudge against the judge.”

Judge Krishan Kant, in a statement, said that after committing the crime, Mahipal Singh had called and told him about the incident on the phone.

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